Outsourced Insolvency Services

What Outsourced Insolvency Services do we Offer?

Our Insolvency Administration Services can help you take care of all or some of the back office administrative functions relating to insolvency management. You can sub-contract your work to us and we will ensure that we meet our agreed service level agreement (SLA), assuring quality work is delivered to you on time.

Doshi Outsourcing has been providing services to Insolvency Practitioners since July 2016.

Why Sub-Contract Insolvency Services?

There many reasons to outsource insolvency services. Some of the most common we have found among previous and existing clients are:

  • Shortage of skilled labour to deliver specific tasks and roles.

  • A desire to reduce long-term costs and time for both recruitment and training.

  • The reliability Doshi Outsourcing provides. We will work as per your specifications with all necessary tasks delivered on time.

  • To have better control on overheads. Variable costs and clients can pay for labour when it’s needed, rather than having to service the salary of a full-time employee.

  • To reduce their capital expenditure.

  • To aid business expansion and make it easier to capture more clients.

  • To enable the existing team to focus on higher value front desk work.

  • To foster innovation in how they work and deliver their services.

  • To focus on delivering their core business offer.

What Insolvency Procedures Can We Help Deliver?

  • Member’s Voluntary Liquidation

  • Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation

  • Individual Voluntary Arrangement

  • Company Voluntary Arrangement

  • Individual Insolvency

  • Compulsory Winding Up Order

  • Pre-Liquidation Procedures

What “Back Office” Tasks Can We Cover?

Any standard office administration work which is currently actioned in your office can be completed by our office, saving you time and money an enabling you to enjoy many of the benefits of outsourcing your back office tasks.

These tasks include:

1. Searching Company Information

We can provide a dedicated employee to search information from the Companies House website and from other sources.We can provide information on all business shareholders and directors,or obtain documents like accounts, annual returns and confirmation statements, and incorporation certificates. We can also read the articles and obtain additional information. Further searches via Land Registry, Google, or other sources can be completed as per the requirements of each individual insolvency case.

2. Updating and Preparing General Meeting Letters

We can update and prepare general meeting letters as notification for debtors, shareholders, and directors.

3. Updating and Preparing Initial Letters

We can update and prepare initial letters including distribution letters to members, advertising notices, tax clearance to HMRC, letters to debtors, and any other required types of correspondence.

4. Updating and Preparing Case Reviews

We can prepare quarterly, half yearly, and yearly case reviews. Case reviews give an overview of the case status, such as reasons why cases can’t be closed, for example.

5. Preparing Refund Distribution Letters and Dealing with HMRC

We can prepare VAT, PAYE and Corporation Tax refund distribution letters for members in case of refunds from HMRC, and look after all correspondence with HM Revenue and Customs.

6. Drafting Annual Reports

We can draft the annual report for the company in the event of the insolvency case exceeding one year. The annual report contains the details of company, remuneration of the liquidators, case status, work done by insolvency practitioner, and any other necessary information.

7. Preparing Draft Final Accounts

We can prepare draft final accounts for the closure of the case, once all the tax clearances and refunds are received from HMRC.

8. Miscellaneous Work or Any Other Draft/Documents Preparation

Our team can also prepare other documents or reports as per your requirement with your guidance and update the details in the software that your firm is using, if any.

9. Preferences

We can analyse all bank statements of any related party over previous 5 years in order to identify preferences. We will prepare full working schedules, which will identify preferences and be indicative of Directors current accounts.

Additional Benefits of Outsourced Insolvency Services

1. Human Resources

You can rely upon us when there is a shortage of suitable back office personnel.

2. Accurate and Timely Delivery

You can be rest assured for the work done by our expert team which will be accurate and delivered on agreed time.

3. Customer Service

You can focus on the higher value services of giving advice to your clients, as some or all of the documentation and other administrative work can be taken care by us.

4. Cost Effective

You can reduce your own costs by sub-contracting your work to us.

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