Monthly Fixed Hours' Outsourced Accounting Solutions

Our Monthly Fixed Hours Outsource Accounting Solution is quite simple whereby you have team members working for you to complete your work as required.

Historically, we have found that our Fixed Hours Outsourced Accounting Solution suits Accounting practices, who first take advantage of our ‘Pay as you go’ outsourcing service and then work towards this solution. It's a natural progression and one whereby we would have already built a profile of you and your accounting practice.

A lot of our UK Accounting practice choose to opt for customising service options whereby, some work to be completed with ‘Fixed Hours Outsourced Accounting Solution’, while for other elements delivered on a ‘Pay as you go’ basis. As per your need and business requirements, we will tailor our solutions to you!

With this option you have priority fixed 140 hours per month with us in any Accounting role. You will have members work for you directly to complete your work as required at a fixed monthly cost. You benefit from paying fixed monthly costs and we manage different roles for you depending upon your requirements. Various roles we manage for you are as shown below:-

For more information on the Monthly Fixed Hours Services, contact UK Based, Regional Consultant by clicking here