What is offshoring?

Outsourcing and offshoring, together can save you a significant amount of time and money. Unlike Outsourcing, Offshoring involves the geographical relocation of production and services. This gives you the opportunity to explore a far-reaching, highly qualified work force without compromising on quality of work. Pricing flexibility allows organisations the freedom and creativity in managing its budget more effectively and in turn increasing profitability. Advantages of offshoring to India include, access to the largest professional talent pool, the reduction of operational costs, state of the art infrastructure and technology, assist organisation to focus on growing their business, scalability is seamless to the changing needs of your business and with a reduction of cost will ensure higher revenues and profitability.

High-quality services are what have led to India being amongst the top ranked offshore outsourcing destinations. India is also the second largest English-speaking nation; hence, it has a high number of individuals who are proficient in the language.

Doshi Outsourcing is being serviced from our own back office in India, which is undeniably becoming one of the most favoured centres for offshoring productions and services for many renowned companies. You can enjoy the assurance of quality work delivered on time, with qualified and skilled professionals working for you.

Key benefits:

We set up your office

Doshi Outsourcing will provide you with dedicated fully air-conditioned office space to cater for your employee needs. Bespoke signage and distinctive office furniture and fittings. State of the art technology and hardware, computers, printers, photocopiers with secure access to VPN and file sharing facilities. Your staff will have access to dedicated phone lines and high-speed internet facilities. CCTV, video and conference call facilities allowing access to your staff for all those important team meetings and workload / file management reviews. Doshi Outsourcing will provide your staff with the best working environment and support that will in turn foster an effective, efficient and professional offshoring solution to your organisation.

We recruit for you

Recruitment of employees is a lengthy and tiresome process. But by choosing Doshi Outsourcing, we can eliminate all the challenges related to hiring new talent in one go. A bespoke solution incorporating your needs, the blend of experience and expertise required in your team. The process is managed, end-to-end from sourcing suitable candidates aligned to your criteria, screening applicants, candidate interviews, verifications and references, and engaging with you on the final selection and hires. Afterall, Doshi Outsourcing has over 20 years’ experience succession planning for growth using the same principals since 1999.

We provide you the right people to work for you

At Doshi Outsourcing, we know the work process differs from business to business. Taking into consideration your overall requirements and work process you adopt; we provide you the infrastructure and resource to meet these exact needs. Your India resources are an extension of your UK operations and just like any other members of your team, you coach and train them in your way of working and reporting.

We take care of your team

Your staff will be provided with all the Doshi facilities and benefits (from meals to grooming kits). They take part in the recreational activities, other social and entertainment events. HR Facilities – daily reporting of employees (check in/out times), holiday records etc. We manage the whole payroll processing of your ‘staff’ and the monthly payments. You receive a single monthly invoice simplifying the management of this cost centre.

This means you can have your own remote office, which will work as per your requirement and guidelines.

Your team are trained based on your work process; monitor and supervision.

This provides you with complete control over your workflow and quality of work.

BPO Services

In a nutshell, you get your own back office in India.

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