Finance Team Staffing

Are You Looking to Recruit Finance Team Staff

Are you having a tough time recruiting good, committed finance staff such as bookkeepers and accountants? Across the UK, there has been a noticeable and significant decline in the availability of a talent pool for staffing in the finance department. And what remains, is neither your first, second, or even third choice for hiring – yet having to meet with their high expectations of salaries, annual leaves, demand to work from home, and so on. Moreover, all this effort is on top of the financial commitments to them in the form of NI and pension contributions; besides, the entire fortune spent priorly on advertising, screening CVs, interviewing, paying agency fees, etc. – notwithstanding the downtime faced within the vacant role.

The reason why you landed on this page can be no different than these:

  • Having a tough time recruiting good, qualified finance staff such as bookkeepers and accountants.
  • Lacking in the talent pool for finance staff for your company.
  • The outcome of the talent pool search does not match the requirements of your company.
  • An equally challenging post-recruitment process makes it difficult to get to the final stage - owing to the difficulty in reaching a mutual agreement over the recruited employees’ high expectations.

The hurdles refuse to reduce either - The money spent in advertising for recruitment processes (hiring recruitment agencies), screening resumes to extract the best of the available lot, conducting interviews after managing the crucial core activities, setting up a panel of capable members to look after the recruitment process ready to manage the same in addition to their designated work, and thereby, putting extra pressure on the existing employees to handle the recruitment task.

All this can prove to be a nightmare unless you get someone to accomplish it all on your behalf. Isn't it music to your ears? Yes, you read it right. We fully understand your challenges emotionally and financially; we hear it all the time. And, we can certainly help you with this.

Our Goal:

We will provide you with dedicated offshore staff who will be fully working for your company and we will connect you with your team member by direct access via a contact number that is local to the UK (0208), as well as via email, audio-visual platforms like Teams, Zoom, etc.

What Needs to Be Done:

All you have to do is let us know your accounting needs. Let us know exactly what you want and we will deliver. The first step will be to arrange a meeting with our UK consultant.

The Benefits of Our Services:

  • No recruitment costs
  • No advertising cost
  • No CV screening
  • No organising interviews
  • No conducting interview
  • No agency fees
  • No additional space in your office for computers or staff
  • No legislative hassles of holiday pay, sick pay, or workplace pension
  • No additional staff on your payroll

When you can avail this all under one roof, you can sit back and focus on the core activities of your business.

For more information, contact our UK-based regional consultant by clicking here