Whatever services you are offering to your clients, we can do these for you to release your, or your teams time to focus on more lucrative work;-

We also use about 90% of the software in the market place on a daily basis and we also have a secure platform for you to pass us electronic data. If you have physical documents, we have also set up for them too, needless to say it's not our preferred way to work, but we can and have many control measurements in place.


PAYG - Pay as You Go

Everyone starts out this way. Cost per hour per job. This allows us to start our relationship and earn your work based on QUALITY and TIME.


Monthly Fixed Hours

Have priority fixed 140 hours per month with us in any Accounting role. You will have two or three people work for you directly to complete your work as required. Fixed at a monthly cost.


Off Shoring

Have your own staff in India. We will provide the infrastructure, office space, employment contracts, 1st round recruitment, phone lines and you will have your own back office is India with ease.



Payroll is a minefield for everyone but vitally important to get right first time. We are fully set up and operational. We can act on your behalf for everything, including talking to HMRC


FM - Fully Managed

This is for supporting your exit strategy, or increased profits - annual fixed fee and we run your entire practice, your name still above the door whilst your clients experience the same service and you benefit financially and your time back.


Hybrid Outsourcing

Our team has the knowledge & experience, which is invaluable of what it takes to run a UK front office and Indian back office. Even with this support structure we know that it can still be a bit daunting. So we would like to introduce Hybrid Outsourcing.

We have British, the UK Based Consultants who will happily visit you to answer any questions you have, they are there to help direct, educate and inform you so that you can make that informed and educated decision. Click here to contact one of them.