Why and How Does Doshi Outsourcing Differ from a Traditional Outsourcer?

At Doshi Outsourcing we are not a "traditional outsourcer".

Instead, we are offering outsourcing services through the core of our business as a value added service, enabling us to focus on you and your practice as an individual and as a partner, not as just another contract or bit of work!

Outsourcing is about saving your time and making your business more efficient, so that we can invest in you from day one to ensure we do exactly that.

Relationships are key to the success of our partnership. We give you, free of charge:

A Dedicated Accountant

So that someone is talking your language and will ensure your standards and formats are met, giving you what you need, delivered correctly and on time, first time. You will have their name, direct telephone number, and email address, while you can also choose to communicate via Skype, Slack, or any other channel that works for you.

A Head of IT

Technology plays a key role in our outsourcing service delivery. From day one your Head of IT is aware of the working relationship between Doshi Outsourcing and your practice, and any discussions you have had with your British, UK based Consultant. You will have their name, direct telephone number, and email address, and again can also choose to communicate via any other channel that works for you.

An English, UK Based Consultant

Your consultant is there to initially understand your business, your motivation, goals, aspirations, the challenges you face with your accounting, your business set up, what software you use, and anything else that may help us to help you. They will talk you through how we can help you release time, which you can then put back into your business to meet your current needs objectives. They will also act as a support throughout our working relationship.

We have longevity in mind in everything we do with you, a partnership from day one to reach a common goal. Everything we do is with a view of helping you and your business to meet your objectives.

We will help you achieve your goals, releasing your time for you to focus on retaining your client base and adding value, growing your client base, undertaking an exit strategy, or anything else you’re looking to do.

SOME "worth knowing" FACTS

  • Over 450 staff and growing monthly
  • Majority of staff have been with us over 10 years
  • Accountants have been with us between 12 to 20 years
  • c.3300 UK clients - sole traders, Ltd companies etc...
  • c.150 UK Practices
  • Dedicated software training division ensures every member of staff is fully conversant with a minimum of three different accountancy platforms at any one stage.
  • A dedicated Corporate training department with 10 Corporate trainers, set up in 2015 to ensure the best Queen English language is spoken and written when we communicate with other UK Practices.
  • Over 30,000 documents studied to ensure full understanding of the UK market and sectors
  • 42,000 sq.ft of air conditioned office space
  • We provide an on-site Doctor, Physiotherapist and Dentist for our team and their families.