Pay as You Go Outsourced Accounting Solutions

Working with us on a pay as you go basis is a great way to start our relationship. Every job is on a per job, per hourly rate. No risk!

We believe in earning your work based on quality and the timely delivery of your objectives. For us, both quality and timely delivery go hand in hand.One without the other is not acceptable.

We know that through existing UK accounting partners of ours of many years that when you start to see, feel, and reap the rewards and benefits of working this way, you will naturally want to invest in a longer term relationship.

Even with our pay as you go outsourced accounting solution, you will be allocated a dedicated fellow Chartered Accountant. This person does not cost you anything, but you will have direct access to them as they manage your workload, deadlines, and undertake quality control. They will also build a profile of you, your practice, your clientele, the type of work you send to us, your formats, your standards and ultimately how you wish to work.


  • 65p per payslip with Auto enrolment, 50p without AE

  • £11 for RTI filing & admin per run, £7.50 without AE

  • £1.75 - P45/P46

  • £2.50 - P11D, P11D return filed online £6

  • £65 - every Work Place Pension Registered on Pension Provider Portal

For more information on the PAYG Services, contact your UK Based, Regional Consultant by clicking here

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