High Demand for Accounts Outsourcing in Covid-19 Pandemic


September 15, 2020

The demand for outsourced accounting is going to be higher than ever in the Covid-19 Pandemic. While many businesses are struggling to sustain themselves, accounting is no exception and accounts outsourcing can be more common for small businesses to help them survive.

Work can be sparse due to pandemic and clients wanting the accounting firms to understand and charge less. Well, this definitely cannot be the time to expand the business by extending in-house employees. Why worry? Accounts Outsourcing will help you maintain your clients and even accept new without worrying about the prospect to complete the work on time.

Accounts outsourcing has become more essential in the current situation. Outsourced VAT Services along with outsourced bookkeeping will even cost you less compared to your in-house expenses. You will not only pay less than you would to your employees but also not have to spend time behind handling them.

  The following reasons would lead to high demand for Accounts Outsourcing in Covid-19 Pandemic:

  • Reduced employees:

    In the current situation, many employers are unable to keep their staff on payroll and that includes accountancy. You might have had to take such tough decisions. If you haven’t had to let your staff go, many employees may have needed to take leaves to handle the effects of the pandemic including the ones on their and their family members’ health. The work would suffer in this situation. Outsourced accounting has been in high demand to handle the above situation.
  • Availability of Work:

    Whether you have put some of your employees on furlough or laid off or not, you still have pending work that you need to complete. To help your clients in this trying time, you may even accept a lower fee or defer the payment. 

    The work may as such be affected. On top of it not maintaining current clients or declining the new ones when you get, may just don’t seem to be right. But what can you do if you do not have enough staff available? Accounting Outsourcing is also in demand for this.
  • Digitalization:

    Certain small firms may not have been able to digitalize the work process. Remote working has its own challenges. You need to be technically equipped and be careful with communication. Under these circumstances instead of working on being technically equipped it may be good to just outsource.

    Certain tasks may not be feasible to be carried out at home and just not possible when it comes to physical handling. You may have reduced staff and are definitely not thinking of hiring new techno-savvy staff. Go for accounts outsourcing and your problem is solved.
  • Uncertainty of staff:

    The small firms that have limited staff may get a unique problem. All or most staff members unavailable. If their employees fall ill at the same time, they may not find it feasible to look for new. Hiring skilled employees is not that easy plus the fact that you need to train them. And what are you going to do when your staff is back? You may not afford to waste money and time behind such recruitment and training. outsourced accounting services will save you here. You get the trained staff working for you and only as long as you need them.
  • Overhead expenses:

    A small business may save on overhead expenses by going for Accounting Outsourcing. A business will have some expenses which will be even higher with more work. More clients you have, more employees you may need; More staff you have, more space you may need, more space will lead to higher utility bills. Outsourced accounting will reduce these utility bills including rent expense as you can afford to have just a small office with work done in the outsourced back office.