Benefits of Hiring Virtual Accountant and Bookkeeper for Small Businesses


January 20, 2021

The current pandemic situation has changed the way we work considerably. With the sales of Zoom skyrocketing a new era has been beckoned into being. This era is more about the digital and about keeping in touch albeit at a distance. As social distancing and staggered shifts continue to be the prime requirement of the workplace, employers are now having to contend with getting used to and accepting the superiority of a new breed of the employee i.e. the virtual employee. Many UK accounting firms are hiring virtual accountants to scale their businesses quickly and decrease their overheads.

Benefits of Hiring Virtual Accountant

Most traditional firms would frown at the word ‘virtual’. Proximity and face to face meetings are irreplaceable but now with people being able to adapt to video conferencing, phone calls and emails the question has arisen as to how truly vital actually ‘seeing’ someone at the workplace is. Virtual employees after all are like your regular employees. They would be just as accountable to you. However, you need not bother about their having the proper workstation or seating arrangements or their actual staff timings in an office setting. And in the current situation, this is just perfect. 

How Virtual Employees Can Grow Your Business?

Considering that the employee is working on a virtual basis would imply that there is a certain amount of proficiency involved. Thus, you can be assured that you have a technologically savvy person at your disposal. Also, since the person works virtually it would be less of a strain on your business as you need not worry about operational costs, especially in the current scenario. Instead of furlough (which is set to end in October) and similar measures, you know that your virtual employee is equipped for working virtually and so will not find the situation curtailing.

From Cloud Accounting to Cloud Offices

The accounting world is perhaps a bit more traditionally minded and yet, many have embraced cloud accounting even before the COVID-19 19 pandemic. Hence, moving now to a cloud office set up is merely the next step. Furthermore, most virtual employees are billed on an hourly basis. Having full-time employees is more of a challenge considering all the legislative and statutory requirements and obligations that an employer has.

How to Hire Virtual Employees?

In most cases, you need not worry about directly employing them as you can always go through a third party which proves to be more beneficial. An employer has a multitude of responsibilities towards his staff and so it pays to have someone do the work and yet not be included in the traditional employee package. Thus, with a third party, you will have to make the payments to the company you are hiring the person from. This works especially well when you need something done which is administrative or requiring only a specific skill set. Virtual assistants for instance work on managing your mailbox and fixing your appointments and such like.

Benefits of Hiring Virutal Accountants To Small Businesses:

Getting a member of staff all the time would be more expensive. For a small business, the consideration here doesn’t just end at the salary scale (which is much lower) but also other such costs like office space as well as equipment. And you can skip the recruitment, hiring and training process so you head directly for things. Plus, with a full-timer you would worry about how they spend the whole day, a virtual employee, on the other hand, would be more of a freelancer and so you can give tasks when you need them done. Also, in this case, repetitive tasks and back-office functions could be easily taken care of without the employer having to shell out as much.

When a company discovers a way to lower costs and increase productivity levels, then most probably every other business would desire to follow their footsteps to have a competitive edge. Hiring accountants work remotely is a time-saving decision. 

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