Ending All Those Software Hassles With Outsourcing Accounting


May 22, 2020

Technology has changed the way accounts are being done. Not only has it made things faster but also easier. However, this does not mean that it is easy for business owners to invest their time in doing their accounts as well as invest in expensive software. Also, even after investing in the software, you need to learn how things are to be done. Whether you prefer QuickBooks, Digita, Sage, XERO, Kashflow, Freeagent etc, when you are getting your accounts outsourced, ensure that your provider is conversant with a variety of software.

At Doshi Outsourcing we can work using the remote desktop connection (RDC) in order to work on particular software of the client's choice. So there won't be any problem if you prefer the software used by your previous accountant. You can continue with the same software that you are comfortable with. 

How We Can Assist You?
Come to think of it, using accounting software is not as easy as ABC. The point is, suppose there is an error based upon the data you have fed – how would you identify it? 

To make things easier for our clients we cater to their preference of software. Our team is certified to work with various accounting software, and we have over two decades of experience in the same. In fact, we have XERO certified advisors on board.

The Expert Edge:
Cloud accounting is another aspect that you can consider when hiring a professional accountant. That way you can also have a look at whatever has been done as well as keep tabs on what is still to be done. Alternatively, if you want to entrust the entire software responsibility upon your accounts outsourcing firm, that too is possible. 

Save Where You Can:
Accounting software is not cheap to come by. Thus, if as a business owner you aren’t thinking much of actually using the software it would be wiser to look at the hardcopy reports that are sent to you. If you are an accountant, you save your time by merely having to restore the backup that is being sent to you.

What if you already have the software?
If you found that in-house accounting has not worked for you perhaps, you would like to try having an employee looking after things. A dedicated employee will certainly be able to handle the accounts for you. However, a point to consider here is that there is a cost attached to keeping a full-time employee to do the accounts for you. Instead at a fractionally lower cost, you could have the same expertise and dedication by outsourcing.

By outsourcing you can also ensure that you do not have additional costs like overhead costs to worry about. Furthermore, the software will only provide you with the reports. Finding or taking care of the differences is something that you need an expert for. 

Technology may have made things less tedious and a bit faster, yet it needs an expert hand to get the accuracy required which an accounting outsourcing expert can provide. All our clients trust us with their accounts because we merge technology with accounting to give them the competitive edge they need over other businesses.