SWOT Analysis of Outsourcing Accounting


August 08, 2020

When it comes to accounts outsourcing or anything related to its efficiency a SWOT analysis is held to be a tool that can aid in working out strategic management as well as the feasibility of the former in the optimization of an enterprise. In layman terms, we are mainly focusing on the strengths, weaknesses as well as the opportunities and threats that can exist. Thus, the environment is analyzed with the company’s standing in this environment kept as a backdrop.

To simplify this even further, we can envision SWOT to be consisting mainly of two primary parts i.e. strengths and weaknesses that will indicate the internal aspect while threats and opportunities dealing with the factors external to the company (but those that are present in the environment). And in effect, we are testing the efficiency of outsourced accounting services that your business provides in this backdrop.

For instance, the strength of a publishing company might be in the fact that it already has a good fan base of existing authors but its weakness might lie in the fact that it is unable to put enough emphasis on marketing the new and budding authors on its platform. Such problems need to be tackled in the internal forefront and mostly on a present basis. At times external people (consultants) are called upon to analyze and advise on the same as a third-party observer of the situation. Accounting outsourcing companies also at times are called to do so as some firms find there are peaks and rise when it comes to staying busy throughout the year.

However, we need to also at the same time remember that there are external factors as well that obviously will not be entirely in the company’s control. To this effect, the environment is tested for these factors that can influence or affect the company on an economic, social, political, national or even international level. Perhaps the Covid 19 pandemic serves as a good example of this. For one thing, it has taken outsourced accounting firms to a whole new level. As a publishing company might be all set with its present genre of authors but another firm might have been more receptive to new voices that might end up clicking better with the present audience. Hence, a threat can translate as just anything that would affect the company negatively. COVID 19 and its effects sure fit the bill.

Outsourced accounting firms can be even more successful when they understand the importance of SWOT in gaining and maintaining their clientele. Through this analysis, a firm can understand the problem points i.e. where they are lacking work and why as they are periods during the year when work becomes lax. Why this happens can be best analyzed through this. Having a set of business-related goals are things accounting outsourcing companies should invest thought in as mere marketing is not enough. Through proper analysis, you can also come to know how effective things are as far as your goals go.

Thus, outsourced accounting services can be made better if you can work on your strengths as well as rectify the firm’s weaknesses or areas where you are losing points. Sometimes it takes a third party to better analyze where things are going wrong and can be improved, there is no harm in a dispassionate observation. Also, when going for accounts outsourcing what is client’s getting from other firms or what are the facilities or services they need or require? A study of this will help in anticipating opportunities while getting a clearer picture of the risk factors.