6 Essential Questions to Ask Your Outsourcing Payroll Provider

Questions to Ask Outsourced Payroll Provider

December 03, 2020

In these competitive times taking care of your payroll is not easy.  So much so, that you may be looking to an outsourced payroll provider to take this headache away and take some much necessary external assistance to the table. In this article, we’ll cover some of the questions we frequently hear from prospective clients regarding outsourced payroll services.

What is payroll outsourcing service?

Payroll outsourcing services refer to an external professional managing all of your payroll processes. Our dedicated team can help your organization with a number of payroll functions. In UK, our consultants can come to you and explain how we can integrate seamlessly with your HR solution to support your in-house payroll team.

How can I outsource payroll?

Payroll outsourcing is an effective way to support your payroll team to efficiently and compliantly deal with your payroll tasks and processes easily. To outsource payroll, you need to first start looking for outsourced payroll providers, or a payroll service company – and they provide you with a range and level of services that best fit the needs of your organization, becoming an extension of your payroll team helping you to manage all your processes and tasks as well as possible.

You will get your own devoted payroll services team and contact person with whom you’ll be able to communicate, discuss any queries you may have in the future and complete or finalize the payroll functions you require. Our team strives to provide you with high-quality customer service by constantly providing seamless payroll process manuals for every customer covering everything from pension right through to sick pay and maternity pay.

What is your experience in managing payroll?

This is always a good question to ask your payroll service provider and possibly the first question you should ask if you’re thinking about outsourcing payroll services. There are so many variables to payroll with things such as salaried staff, contracted staff, zero-hour contracts, maternity pay, bonuses and much more taken into consideration while doing payroll. Every business will requirements. We process to operate in a different way and have its own distinctive payroll for businesses across the manufacturing, retail, and marketing and property sectors as well. Partnering with a payroll provider who has experienced and witnessed all the nuances that can come with processing payroll should be incredibly comforting.

Can your payroll system handle all our essential employee records?

It’s a very important question to ask your service provider. With our payroll software, we can handle almost everything required. Items that any business must require are: 

  • Full employee particulars
  • New employment
  • bank account details
  • salary details for staff
  • tax code notices
  • benefits and bonuses
  • sick days and holidays
  • maternity and paternity leaves
  • Auto Enrolment & pensions

Why should I pay to outsource payroll service when I could just do it in-house?

Earlier it was possible for almost anyone to process payroll without making any mistakes. However, in recent times it has certainly become a more professional service as there are so many things to consider. All employers are now required by law to submit an RTI (real-time information) return every single time employees are paid as part of the payroll activities, and if this is not done correctly, they pay heavy fines too. You may have the time to payroll yourself. However, the risks to a business in doing so compensate the money saved managing payroll in-house.

How Can I be sure my payroll Data is secure with you?

We give priority to our client data protection by investing in the latest technology and highly advanced data security procedures to ensure that our client’s sensitive information is always safe and secure.