Harness A Successful Year with An Outsourced Payroll Provider

 Harness A Successful Year with An Outsourced Payroll Provider

February 12, 2024

For your UK company, have you thought of payroll services? This article aims to demystify payroll management by explaining how the right payroll service can help you save time, money, maintain compliance, and advance your business objectives. Let's delve into the key points:


  1. Outsourced Payroll Solutions for All Sizes: Outsourcing payroll tasks to a provider in the UK offers scalable, customisable solutions for organisations of all sizes. By entrusting complex payroll chores to experts, businesses can focus on their core competencies while ensuring data protection and compliance.
  2. Outsourcing payroll services enables businesses to prioritise their core activities by saving costs, ensuring legal compliance, and achieving high processing accuracy.
  3. Companies should evaluate payroll service providers based on their track record, customer care, software integration proficiency, security measures, and utilisation of advanced features such as cloud-based systems.

Simplified Payroll Solutions for Companies of All Sizes
In the UK, companies have a variety of expert payroll services to choose from, including managed options. Whether a small startup or a global corporation, businesses of all sizes can benefit. Doshi Outsourcing offers a comprehensive suite of payroll solutions, catering to companies of any size. This includes personalised support from dedicated account managers and efficient cloud-based payroll systems.
Payroll service providers prioritise the protection of payroll data, ensuring the security and confidentiality of employee and company information across all service tiers. Moreover, pricing for these services is tailored to the size of the workforce and specific company needs, offering customisation and scalability to accommodate businesses of various sizes.

Cost Saving Option:
Payroll outsourcing cost typically begins at £25 per month, with costs increasing based on complexity. Compared to in-house payroll, outsourcing often proves more economical, offering a clear overview of administration costs, including hiring, expenses, salaries, and benefits. Access to specialised expertise reduces overhead, making outsourcing a financially sound choice.

Compliance and Precision:
Compliance with payroll regulations is vital. Fully managed outsourced payroll providers take responsibility for system updates and inform clients of legal changes, ensuring ongoing adherence. Accuracy in payroll processing is also essential.

Payroll service providers ensure this through: 

  • Using appropriate payroll software;
  • Creating explicit payroll regulations;
  • Training payroll personnel well; and 
  • Conducting audits regularly to find & fix inconsistencies and ensure accuracy in payroll processing.

Prioritise your core business functions:
Outsourcing payroll to a reputable provider significantly boosts processing efficiency, yielding time and cost savings, along with reduced compliance needs. This allows companies to focus on core competencies and growth. Managing payroll internally entails considerable time and effort for computations, data entry, and compliance, increasing the risk of errors. International payroll service providers streamline this process, ensuring seamless operations.

Selecting the Appropriate Payroll Service Supplier
For any organisation, selecting the best payroll service provider is essential. The ideal payroll supplier should be well-versed in software integration, have a solid track record, and deliver top-notch customer service.

Integration of Software and Security of Data
The key to efficient payroll processing lies in software integration, ensuring a unified HR system. Data mapping, security, and rigorous testing are essential considerations in this integration process. Data security is paramount in payroll services, with 'secure data transmission' encompassing encrypted payroll data and documents to prevent unauthorised access. Providers safeguard employee privacy through various measures as below:

  • Keeping software up to date;
  • Following security guidelines;
  • Educating staff (Training);
  • Limiting access to authorised personnel;
  • Conducting risk assessments;
  • Enforcing strict password policies;
  • Employing encryption; and 
  • Establishing data retention guidelines;

Creative Payroll Instruments and Solutions
The way that organisations handle their payroll operations has been completely transformed by creative payroll solutions and applications. These consist of third-party integrations and cloud-based solutions. We will now take a closer look at cloud-based payroll solutions.

Payroll Systems on the Cloud
Online platforms have replaced on-site systems in cloud-based payroll systems. They have many advantages, including increased scalability and accessibility. Furthermore, they prioritise data security by using encryption and safe data storage techniques.
There are several excellent cloud-based payroll systems available for companies to use. Among them are: 

  1. Brightpay; 
  2. Xero;
  3. Iris Staffology;
  4. Rippling;
  5. Sage Payroll;
  6. Moorepay;
  7. ADP iHCM;
  8. Clear Books

Each has special qualities and functions, such as a personal account manager who can improve productivity and simplify payroll administration.

In A Gist:
In summary, navigating payroll management may appear daunting, but leveraging expert payroll services can streamline the process significantly. Outsourcing payroll not only saves costs but also liberates internal resources for core business activities while ensuring compliance and precision. It's imperative to assess the track record, customer service, and software proficiency of potential providers before making a selection. With advancements such as cloud-based platforms and third-party integrations, payroll administration has become more accessible and efficient than ever before.