How Payroll Outsourcing is Helpful for a Restaurant?

Payroll Outsourcing for a Restaurant

September 19, 2022

The hospitality industry is one of the broadest and most competitive sectors in terms of customer service. It involves not only time-bound services but also constant efforts for customer satisfaction as well as a higher customer turnout. For the multifold growth of a hospitality business, the focus requires to remain on the business expansion and upgradation. It further entails the need for considerable manpower at all times and, therefore, managing the compliances involved.

Payroll Outsourcing takes care of all the wage-related compliances of the employees and allows the hospitality business to focus on their core services. In-house payroll requires investing in additional infrastructure and staff with the requisite expertise to manage the same, and a missed deadline or an underpaid wage may cause unwelcome consequences!  

Thus, outsourcing payroll services to an established and credible provider like Doshi Outsourcing assures all payroll-related responsibilities being taken care of in a timely manner by the field experts.

Payroll Frequencies:

Hotels and restaurants involve a significant number of incoming and outgoing staff. And, there can be diverse pay cycles depending on the employee’s nature of work – viz., weekly, fortnightly, monthly, four-weekly, or annually. Outsourcing payroll to an experienced provider like Doshi Outsourcing ensures that employees are accurately categorized and promptly processed according to their respective payroll frequencies. 

Managing Higher & Varied Staff:

Hotels and restaurants require a more significant number of employees for varied purposes, and this can remain an ongoing process. Thus, it’s a range of permanent, temporary, casual, or contractual workforce. With an outsourced payroll, you can leave the requirements of a complex staff turnover to the professionals.

Dealing with Diverse Payments:

Enabling your professional service provider to deal with your payroll means never having to worry about the vast array of elements that each payroll includes. With diverse staff roles, working patterns, and wage rates, an outsourced payroll precisely handles gross pay, statutory pay, redundancy or notice pay, entitlements, contributions, deductions, etc. 

Keeping Up with Legislations & Deadlines:

The staff turnover in hotels and restaurants ranges into various age groups. The age criterion is crucial to determine many aspects of employees’ payroll. Outsourcing the payroll guarantees:

  • The correct minimum wage is considered according to the employee’s age and role
  • Selection of the appropriate NIC Category
  • Ensuring timely and accurate statutory pays
  • Ensuring correct tax rates and pension contributions
  • Verifying and updating relevant Tax Codes 

Moreover, meeting the demands of a hospitality business makes it cumbersome to keep track of the multiple payroll deadlines and results in possible penalties. Outsourcing makes sure that all your payment and submission deadlines are met and eliminates your mental & financial stress! 


Hiring an established service to manage your payroll assures you about all your payroll records. As your provider, we extend complete support for:

  • Customizing the payroll reports to suit your needs
  • Maintaining each necessary payroll record on your behalf
  • Keeping records of holiday pay balance, sick leave balance, SMP records, PAYE liability records, etc.

Technical and Technological Support:

Being in the hospitality industry requires investing in massive infrastructure. Outsourcing payroll saves on the cost of payroll software and also resources to train for the same. You can also choose from the options of software available with your provider to process your payroll.

Thus, while you focus on providing comfort and culinary satiety to your clients, we provide you with complete payroll solutions. Contact us to let the experts look into all your payroll needs!