Why Outsource Payroll Services to Doshi Outsourcing?


June 01, 2020

Running Payroll services for a business is no longer just an administrative function. It requires knowledge of HMRC’s RTI (Real Time Information) software as well as knowledge of the requirements of the Working Time Directive and all other employment law obligations now placed on a business. In future, it may also have an impact on your employees’ benefit entitlements. Despite your experience in payroll accounting and payroll management, you are expected to have full knowledge of your obligations as an employer.

Your outsourced payroll partner must be aware and acquainted with the new changes announced by HMRC. The UK Government announced the Furlough Scheme recently in which, wages should be paid to workers who are on leave because of coronavirus pandemic. 

For this, your payroll service provider must have up-to-date knowledge of HMRC’s newly announced norms. Our Payroll managers are capable enough to execute new changes immediately without disturbing the payroll cycle, which helps to save time and penalties of our clients.  

The cost of falling foul of these laws and obligations can be a costly affair for your business, not only in terms of potential penalties but also the time in dealing with government bodies.

You can avoid this by outsourcing payroll processing to a professional accountancy company that can deal with payroll and employment law obligations on business. Outsourcing payroll is relatively inexpensive service which can lift a considerable burden from the shoulders of the business owners. 

Doshi Outsourcing can assist your business with payroll processing services. Listed here are the key benefits of outsourcing payroll to us


The direct costs of processing payroll can be reduced effectively by working with a payroll service provider. The businesses which are not big enough to bear the cost of an in-house payroll manager can outsource their payroll processing. The cost of outsourcing payroll services to us will be much cheaper in comparison to having an in-house payroll manager. 

Save Time:

Processing payroll requires a lot of time and attention to do error-free processing regardless of the number of employees in a business. On every pay period, business owners need to type a large amount of data and double-check to avoid any errors. This is a very crucial time taken away from the main tasks of the business-like building revenue and serving valued customers. We at Doshi Outsourcing will help you to get a complete solution as per your requirements and will assist to enhance your business operations run effectively. 

Ensure Full Compliance: 

It is commonly observed that small and medium-sized business owners end up paying unwanted penalties as they are not experts in the complicated tax regulations of the HMRC. At the same time, they are legally responsible for any cases of misrepresentation or a failure to accurately report government taxes to HMRC. These mistakes can lead to audits and result in penalties which no business wants to invite. Our team at Doshi will ensure that all your tax liabilities are processed accurately and keep you away from all unwanted penalties. 

At Doshi, we take a bespoke approach across our product range to ensure a payroll process that is efficient, accurate and flexible for your needs. Whatever your chosen product is, we complete a full assessment to find a solution that suits your unique requirement.