Key Benefits of Hiring Virtual Employee for Your Business

virtual employee key benefits

February 12, 2021

Recruitment is never an easy task. It is a long-drawn-out process, to say the least, in which even after you end up hiring your prospective employee, you still need to invest time in training that individual. Moreover, you might have to even compromise with a second-best if your need is immediate, but you don’t find the candidate with the complete skill set that you desire. So, how can technology assist here? After all, technology is famed to cater to making our lives easier. So, how exactly does it begin to work in this case?

Virtually attuned

From cloud accounting to video conferencing, technology has made running a business easier. What it further entails is that human resources no longer need to be situated at your offices to work. People can work from home now. Taking this a step further is a set up where instead of a traditional nine-to-five employee work at your premises, you can opt instead for a virtual employee who can take care of all your business requirements, but,

  • A virtual employee isn’t someone you can share a pint of beer or a glass of wine with
  • Might not be of the same locality as you are
  • May not belong to the same country

Then, considering these points, how exactly does one work with someone who is virtually a stranger?

From physically there to virtually present

A virtual employee might not be from the same background as you are, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do business. In this globally charged world where technology has made the world seem a mere global village; this fear need not stop you. Virtual employees from Doshi Outsourcing are suited for businesses looking for long-term staffing solutions.

  • Virtual employees who share the same business ethic as you do
  • Virtual employees who are aware of the UK working culture and British way of life
  • Virtual employees who speak your language and so make communication a seamless experience.

Therefore, hiring a virtual employee from Doshi Outsourcing would prove as the best for UK accountants because, you would hire an experienced and qualified team member. This will expand the talent pool of your company. Considering the mass globalisation that has spread throughout the world, it is no surprise that virtual employees are cross-culturally aware and would make you feel as comfortable as if you were working with a regular employee. Efficiency-wise, you might even find them better! We are having flexible plans to fit everyone's needs. Hire virtual employee on "Pay As You Go" or "Monthly Fixed Hours" Basis

So, why should you hire a virtual employee for your business? What are the key benefits?

Hiring a virtual employee for your business has a long line of benefits:

  1. Low overhead costs – you need not worry about space, equipment, and other operational costs.
  2. No legal liabilities of an employee, in terms of the benefits a regular employee can avail. You are contracting from a third party, you are not the employer, and so additional costs an employer has to bear like workplace pensions would not fall on your end of the tray.
  3. No office space crunch – As considering the Covid-19 pandemic, social distancing is a given, so if you have a virtual employee, this is something that you would not have to worry about
  4. Employees with experience but at a lower cost – this is one of the prime reasons why outsourcing has been such a great success over the decades.
  5. Service is timely and so uninterrupted – being a contractor with a business to run and you being the client will always receive quality service.
  6. Flexibility and getting your work done when you want it – also, if you choose us as an outsourcing partner, you have the benefit of a complementing time zone.
  7. All services under one roof – VAT, Tax, Payroll, Bookkeeping, Accounts, etc. all will be taken care by our expert.

In the business world, in order to survive, you need to think ahead of the pack and embrace technology as well as innovation. Thus, virtual employees can be used to propel your business forward in an increasingly technology-driven world.

Virtual Employee provides you with quick and easy access to a variety of virtual accounting services. Leverage the enormous talent pool by hiring accounting experts who efficiently manage this aspect of your business for you.

Hiring virtual employees from Doshi Outsourcing allows you to have a team working round the clock. Call us on 0208 239 4999 or Email at to book your appointment.