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Payroll may not be as simple to run as baking a cake but it would be hardly right to call it an impossible achievement. After all, there are still many business owners who prefer processing their firm’s payroll itself. That being said, one m...

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January 12, 2021

About Sole Trader:

A person who runs their own business and owns it as an individual is known as a sole trader. The business is run by one individual and an important point to get noted is that there is no legal distinct...

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January 08, 2021

For a company to be stable & financially sound, it needs to grow and be profitable, irrespective of it being a small company or large multinational. Having a team of skilled accountants improves the business processes, which is an important fu...

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January 06, 2021

What is the Director’s Loan Account?

We have heard about the director’s loan account and some of us also keep some knowledge related to it. However, in this article, we will learn in detail about the facts wh...

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January 04, 2021

With the current economic stress that business owners are facing taking out time for business and expanding on the same is what is really of prime importance. For any company, there are a lot of legalities and compliances that need to be met, and ...

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January 02, 2021

Many businesses outsource central jobs that are not within the staff’s core competencies, and accounting is no exclusion! Virtual accounting is a new trend that allows experienced accountants to offer their services remotely. Businesses acro...

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December 30, 2020

The Cashless Or Contactless Payments:

There is a famous proverb in English that time will not wait for us, we have to move with time. We have to analyse and see the direction of the wind, to flow with it...

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December 28, 2020

The winter of 2020 has been predicted to be harsh. While vaccine trails are being pushed to their utmost, businesses remain closed or at least semi-operational, and workers live in fear of losing their jobs. Is there indeed a silver lining out the...

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December 25, 2020

There are several professions around us and the professionals who are a devotee to these professions. What makes a person a professional? Anyone who identifies himself with a profession knowing a field of activity and considers issues placed befor...

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December 23, 2020

Just submitting your self-assessment on time is not that important. You need to ensure that it is error-free of any unintentional mistakes. While there are penalties for not meeting the deadline when it comes to filing your self-a...

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December 21, 2020