Back-Office Work Outsourcing to insolvency administrators

What We Can Do For You?

Our back-office has been supplying non-customer facing resources for Insolvency Practitioners since 2016 because it makes sense. It makes sense as the operational tasks are process-driven and can be considered tedious and time-consuming. Therefore attracting and keeping resources at a cost-effective rate is near impossible. Consistency and longevity are key to success.

Our Insolvency Administrative Services team can take care of all or some of your back-office administrative functions. You determine what and how much you work with us. You can sub-contract your work to us and we will ensure that we meet an agreed Service Level Agreement (SLA) assuring quality work is delivered on time.

Reasons To Sub-contract

  • Time to focus on core business
  • Reduce costs and time for both, recruitment and training
  • Reliability. Working to your Specifications and delivered on time
  • Control on overheads and variable costs
  • Reduce outlay on capital expenditure
  • Business growth through client acquisition
  • Existing team aligned to client centric functions
  • Foster innovation
  • Increase profitability
  • Seamless scalability

Insolvency Procedures

  • Member’s Voluntary Liquidation
  • Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation
  • Individual Voluntary Arrangement
  • Company Voluntary Arrangement
  • Individual Insolvency
  • Compulsory Winding Up Order
  • Pre-Liquidation Procedures

Back Office Work

Any non-core office administration task can be completed by our experienced back office team, utilising your templates and workflow processes such as:

Search Company’s Information etc.

Search Company information on Companies House portal for Shareholders and Directors, collating documentation such as Accounts, Annual Return / Confirmation Statements, Incorporation Certificate etc. In addition, we can review articles and obtain information on distribution (in specie or non-cash), short notice etc. Further searches via the Land Registry and online as per the specific requirements of a case.

Update and prepare General Meeting Letters

Update and prepare General Meeting Letters for the Company’s directors and shareholders containing Minutes of director's meeting, Declaration of Solvency, Notice of general meeting, Minutes of general meeting, Deed of distribution etc.

Update and prepare Initial Letters etc.

Update and prepare Initial Letters containing Distribution Letters to members, Advertising Notice, Tax Clearance to HMRC, Letters to Debtors etc.

Update and prepare Case Reviews

Prepare Case Reviews - Quarterly, Half-yearly and Annual. Case Review will provide an overview to the case status giving explanations preventing the case from being closed.

Prepare VAT, PAYE and CT refund distribution letters for members in case of refunds from HMRC. Our experienced team can manage all correspondence with HM Revenue and Customs.

Drafting Annual Reports

Drafting an Annual Report for the company if the case exceeds one year. An annual report contains details of the company, remuneration of the liquidators, case status, work done by insolvency practitioner etc.

Prepare Draft Final Accounts

Prepare Draft Final Accounts for the closure of the case, once all the tax clearances and refunds are received from HMRC.

Miscellaneous Work or Any other Draft / Documents Preparation

As a multi-skilled team, the preparation of any documents or reports can be undertaken as per your requirements. Additionally, if utilising any case management software our team can (once familiarised with the systems and procedures) update on a continual basis.


Analyse all bank statements of any related party over the previous 5 years in order to identify preferences. We will prepare full working schedules, which will identify preferences and indicative Directors current accounts.


  1. Human Resources : With a shrinking talent pool, Doshi are a reliable and experienced partner supporting you with ‘just in time’ or more long-term specified resources solutions.
  2. Accurate and Timely Delivery : The confidence that your back office functions are managed by a highly efficient and experienced team, working to your timescales and standards to agreed timelines.
  3. Customer Service : Partnering with Doshi Outsourcing will provide you with a precious commodity, ‘time’. Time to focus on the core competencies and higher valued added tasks, working on your clients. Knowing that a professional team are fully supporting you in the background.
  4. Cost Effective : In addition to streamlining your operations, a significant reduction in costs is achieved allowing for greater profitability and efficiencies.
If you have more questions, you can read frequently asked questions of insolvency, or you can contact UK Based, Regional Consultant by clicking here